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How can I be sure my tux fits right and looks good? When you pick up your tux, you will try it on and one of our trained staff will make sure you look your best.

Irving Atkin, 84, founder of Mr. Tux rental clothing

Is there a way I can get my tux for free? Click here to download Prom Ambassador application. Selection : We offer the largest selection of tuxedo styles and accessory colors in the Northwest. We offer more options than Men's Warehouse. Since we have a local warehouse, everything is on display for you to see in person. At Men's Warehouse you have to order out of a catalog.

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  6. Irving Atkin, 84, founder of Mr. Tux rental clothing - The Boston Globe.

Quality : Since our warehouse is in Downtown Spokane, we can easily make corrections to insure a perfect fit every time. Men's Warehouse ships their tuxes in from Houston, Texas, which makes getting corrections almost impossible.

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  • Late Order Fees : We will not charge your students rush or late order fees. Compare to Mr. All of our Suits and Tuxedos come in even and odd sizes 34, 35, 36, 37, etc from size 34 to size After size 44 they come in even sizes. Email Address.

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    Zyklon Rob. Went in for a tux for a high school prom. Very fast, very polite, and he definitely knew what he was talking about. I'll be coming back. Andrew Sabina.

    Exemplary service, the gentleman I dealt with, Jose, went above and beyond for both myself and my groomsmen. Allison Jones. Tux has grown to 46 locations throughout New England. He gave each couple a special gift just for walking through the door.

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    By negotiating with fellow entrepreneurs, Mr. Atkin was able to compile a booklet of coupons that offered brides and grooms everything from free dance lessons for the wedding party to ski packages for the newlyweds. When he wasn't charming customers, Mr. Atkin honed his skills as an amateur magician, entertaining family and friends with his card tricks and mind-reading skills.

    His son Marc, of Swampscott, said Mr. Atkin knew how to impress a crowd. One of his many talents was balancing his infant children in the palm of one hand at parties and family functions.

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    When his children were older, his son said, Mr. Atkin loved to play hide-and-seek with them. He would find the hiding places for his children, and his wife of 50 years, Sylvia Pearlstein , would seek them. When telemarketers called the Atkin home, they rarely made a sale but always got a laugh, his son said.

    Atkin would spend up to an hour talking to solicitors, practicing his mind-reading skills and entertaining the callers, who were more accustomed to having phones slammed in their ears than having their minds read.