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An oversight? Von Zell handles the plugs nicely, getting good assists from Cantor. Giving the surrounding talent a bet- ter chance to shine would aid the program tremendously. Style -Popular music, songs. The show starts swell. A signature that's different. Then It fails to live up to expectations. In his first showcase program as director of the KDKA station pop combination Bernie Armstrong has performed a commendable job. The arrangements are adequate, sometimes very good. The instrumentation is satisfactory, sometimes unusual.

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Faye Parker and Billy Leech are pleasing enough on their vocals, occasionally extra good, especially Leech. But the whole lacks sparkle compared to what can be done to improve the outfit's output even more. An effort at choral vocalizing needs more schmaltz, and the title introductions are coy. But program shows prom- ise as unpretentious presentation of current tunes. No need to hunt for a place to type or use makeshift typing stands.

You carry your private office with you-built into the Underwood Portable Carrying Case! In three meetings the past couple of weeks, leaders have come to the realization that their valuable libraries, composed overwhelmingly of ASCAP tunes, will be worth almost nothing on broadcasts after January 1.

Turning to their union this week, they received cautious support. Jack Rosenberg, president of Local , said he would accompany the band leaders' committee in visiting BMI and ASCAP and urging them to mediate, but added he was going in order to lend the union's prestige to the committee and not necessarily to make any threats. This apparently was in answer to a few leaders who have been urging the union to threaten a music strike. Rosenberg admitted that eventually "the AFM would have to.

Petrillo, AFM president, be called into the fight. Rosenberg said "Petrillo will give us all the action we want. He said "a plague on both their houses," altho he admitted that in New York Local and ASCAP have had cordial relations even tho occasionally there is a clash of interests. For example, only recently, he said, Long - champs Restaurants dropped a five -piece band, and blamed ASCAP's allegedly high music rate.

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  • The committee also agreed to try to get Glenn Miller to come along and lend his prestige, and elected Duchin temporary chairman. George, Harold Morse, and John Gluskin. Musician only musician non - band leader : Lew Sherwood, of Duchin's band. Fred Waring, who urged leaders to take a cautious course in entering the ASCAP-BMI fight, pointed out that a lot of musical programs may go script after January 1, and said his own contract ended January 1, and that he, too, didn't know what would happen after that.

    Cub's little brother mauls competitors. - Free Online Library

    Green said radio sponsors were siding with BMI and that they were already preparing for January 1. Cet Ready, Says Green Green, stressing the fact that he was pro-ascap, warned that band leaders had better be realistic and stock up on non-ascap arrangements, because BMI apparently had as much legal right to be in existence as ASCAP.

    Even if the fight is settled, he said, there would surely be some arrangement to keep in circulation BMI songs. At the Monday meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria around 60 bandmen and managers met to drink and eat at BMI's expense and to listen to BMI counsel Sidney Kaye explain that BMI was here to stay, that ASCAP was in the wrong, that the radio industry loved creative artists, that the interests of the broadcasters and band leaders were the same, and that-most important-leaders had better stock up on non-ascap songs. Not only that, but the radio industry was doing band leaders a favor by insisting on an infiltration of non-ascap tunes on current musical programs, he said.

    Otherwise, he insisted, radio and the Ieaders would "be caught with their pants at half-mast" January 1, when But It's Fun! Deploring a condition that has made potential army draftees "soft and in a deplorable state of physical unfitness," no less an authority than Lieut. Joseph L. Bachus, army recruiting officer for Michigan, blamed some of it on modern dancing. Said the Colonel: "Our recruiting experience indicates many of the men will not be fit for service.

    Jitterbug dancing does not contribute to health. Both are sparring for time and hoping the other side gets panicky. And the band leaders, caught in the middle, are panicky already but don't know what to do about it. The best they could do is a committee to urge mediation. Second development was the immediate dispatch by Waring of a letter to NBC, CBS, and Mutual execs, stating the leaders' case and plight, and asking a radio-ascap arbitration meeting, inasmuch as each side claims to be open to negotiation. The letter asks for a preliminary conference between the leaders' committee and the network biggies to complete arrangements for a "get together" of all principals.

    If the 'broadcasters assent, the powwow will probably take place the early part of this week. Basil Fomeen brought a society rhythm crew into the new swank Ciro's here yesterday 4. Spot has ho show, depending entirely on band for its draw. States Record Corporation is head over heels In legal entanglements since filing a petition for reorganization, competitive recording firms are in a mad scramble to grab off the cream of the U. Altho there is still some confusion centering around the legality of the move, it is understood that bands under contract to U.

    Regardless cif any court ruling, a number of U.

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    S2 bands will be free of contract obligation within the next two months anyway. The first to move out of the U. Next in line were the Korn Kobblers, offsprings of the original Schnickelfritz band, who were dissatisfied with their first recording efforts for U.

    codes communication.txt

    Nothing will be consummated before McGee is free, however. The appointment of Manie Sacks, formerly of Music Corporation of America, to the chief talent and tunes post of Columbia, will mean the addition pf a number of MCA bands to the Columbia artist roster, among them several U.

    Scranton Record Manufacturing Corporation, which has been pressing all Varsity and. Royale records for U. Recording activity at the U. Music Craft, an indie firm managed by Henry Cohen engaged in the recording and manufacturing of records, moved to larger quarters in Times Square, and started production of five pop tunes a week. Pops will sell under the Tempo label at 25 cents, and classi - eels will sell under the Masterpiece tag and retail at 29 cents. While Music Craft execs would not divulge details of the wholesale deals with Whelan and United, It was admitted that the wholesale prices will be governed by the number of purchases made by each firm.

    Nothing definite on the production of Masterpiece records as yet, its regularity to be governed by the demand. Scranton Pa. Record Manufacturing Corporation, which had been pressing all Varsity and Royale records, has been contracted for the Music Craft job.

    Seems that Don Raye, who wrote the lyrics, is under contract to Leeds, and Freddie Slack, pianist with Will Bradley, who composed the music, is contracted to Robbins. Consequently, ownership of the song has been under dispute for the past few weeks, with everyone involved refusing to give up his particular hold. It's still up in the air, and neither can publish the song until a disposition has been made.

    Worst that can happen is a partnership on the song, which will make the writers happy and the publishers unhappy. Judge Albert L. Watson to hold J. Lewis Ash and Lowell A. Mayberry, counsel and treasurer respectively of the United States Record Corporation of New York, in contempt of court. Revelation that Ash and Mayberry had appealed to the Southern District Federal Court of New York for a restraining order involving three petitions which are to be acted upon by Judge Watson October 7 prompted the latest developments.

    The two New York men are charged in the petition with "flagrant and manifest disregard of the exclusive jurisdiction of and sovereignity of your honorable court" by appealing to the New York- court to halt proceedings which they allegedly agreed were to be decided by Judge Watson. Counsel for the Scranton company also asked that U. The U. Both companies' counsel appeared before Judge Watson September 24, when it was allegedly agreed that the question of jurisdiction was to be placed before him.

    In this order the Scranton company was directed to appear before Referee Kurtz, New York, on the same day-october 7-that Judge Watson had fixed for a hearing on the jurisdictional question.

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    This order is on a rule to show cause why the Scranton firm should not be enjoined from ejecting U. Record from the sixth floor of the premises occupied by the Scranton firm. The restraining order also seeks to enjoin Scranton from the use of, or permitting others to use, master records which are now in its possession.

    Park ballroom enjoyed a succesful season. Jimmy Dorsey August 25 was the biggest draw of the summer, having attracted 3, paid admissions for the alltime high. Bob Chester's combo was the season's second best draw. Wallace has dropped out of the band business to open a music studio at Sioux Falls, S.

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    Herman, who was part-owner of the band, is keeping the outfit intact, with Rocky Donovan, bass fiddle, fronting. Herman, who has been pianist for the last two years, will continue at the ivories, He formerly was with Al Menke band. Fact that the tune was turned down doesn't upset Ace, who has many of his offerings on the black -and -whites. Bat what he can't figure out is why the song title didn't even give the publisher in question the desired hint-since it took the pub a full year to decide.

    Patricia Ol' Man. Mose Norman, Jack's missus, is doing the vocal chores with the band..